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Innovasens Brasil is a network of high technology enterprises, strongly oriented to the developement and production of components as well as advanced systems for the field of sensors and vision, through innovative technological platforms.

Optoi,  Eoptis and Industrio form this Network, which allows the creation of strategic partnerships expanding the capability of each single entity and offering the opportunity to reach technological solutions as well as state of the art products through a unique interface.



EOPTIS designs and manufactures advanced opto-electronic instruments and vision systems for applications in several sectors (industrial, medical, ...).

 EOPTIS is the right partner to improve the quality of products and production processes by means of inspection, identification, tracking and measurement tools. Our products are available on catalog, as OEM parts or complete solutions, even including the in-line set-up.

 We turn our know-how on opto-electronics and vision systems into solutions which can be customised in low quantities and are based on stable components and architectures, with low maintenance costs and long-term availability.

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Since 1995, OPTOI produces and commercializes microelectronic silicon sensors and Microsystems, SMART electronic systems as well as MEMS (Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems) for industrial, environmental, biomedical, telecom and aerospace applications.

In addition to the standard catalogue products, OPTOI offers its know how and technical expertise in sensors, optoelectronics, material science and engineering to develop customized products and breakthrough solutions. Moreover, OPTOI supports its customers in microelectronics with consultancy, design, packaging and component replacement.

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Here at Industrio we are committed to funding and building great products. But we do more than investing. We provide to you and your team a seed fund, professional prototyping development resources and strong manufacturing support.

for detailed info please link to the Optoi Group companies direct websites

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